Claire Dodin

Director of Operations -

English and French voice director

Claire studied Medicine in France before moving on to the entertainment business. If this sounds strange to you, rest assured that she's not the only one, Michael Crichton and Ken Jeong also started at medical school.

She now performs on stage and screen, as well as behind the mic. She is mostly known for Deadliest Warrior and We're Alive: a story of survival.

Skilled in zombie slaying techniques, she will ensure that your project is safely completed from the comfort of a great Hollywood studio.

To listen to voice samples:

Valeria Zunzun

Spanish and French dubbing director

Valeria is a trilingual voice director. With over a decade of experience dubbing TV series, films and animation into French, Spanish and English.

She will dub your project with a precise and creative touch appreciated by the clients and productions she's worked for (Netflix, Jim Henson's studios, NBC/Universal, Disney...).

She fell into dubbing (and in love with dubbing) randomly, as she was trying to get back into radio. And she's so glad and grateful dubbing stepped on her way.

Valeria also has a Master's in Spanish Arts and Literature. She is a trained translator and has been adapting scripts for years as well. That also gives her skills to play with words and assure consistency and precision to your project.

You may also want to meet her part time canine assistant, Lela.

Christa G. Lewis

German dubbing director

Christa Lewis is a classically trained actress & graduate from BU's 4 year conservatory actor training program who has worked full time at the microphone since, ahem... 1995. She speaks accent-free German fluently, thanks to the hard work of her German mom and years spent in German school and then a long, long stint in Germany.
Which led to... 17 years as News & Features reader & Station Voice for international TV news broadcaster DW-TV in Berlin plus free-lance work in all voice-over areas. She received 6 earphone awards; and in 2018 an Audie award nomination and was a Listener's choice award finalist.
Christa also directs Berlitz German Language programs, German language audiobooks and the dubbing of films and TV shows.

Marzena Coy

Polish dubbing director

Marzena studied theatre and literature in Poland before moving to Great Britain.

Acting work in short films, television shows (The Bill) and presenting an extreme sports TV show (Ex-Tube) followed before putting herself behind the mic as a singer in London. Moving to NYC; Simon Cowell and cracking the US as a singer have been firmly rejected as Marzena opts to soothe audio senses through voiceover.

Marzena is based in New York

Valerie Dodin

French songs director

Valerie is a recording artist who has been touring France for many years.

She also sang on the French soundtrack of the animated series "Plouf and Bubulle" by the Jim Henson's co.

Her recording studio is based in Toulouse, France and she has a whole roster of excellent singers who will join her to record fantastic French vocals for your animated songs.

Minou Walter

Meows and scratching director

Walter is a no nonsence kind of cat.

He has the softest fur, the loudest meow and the sharpest claws. No one can kill a soft toy as fast or as efficiently as he does. What ever he does, he does it best. He was therefore the obvious choice as the meows and scratching director.

Disclaimer: loud purring may occur if you touch his fur.

Walter also does some modelling on the side for :

Animation, Live action

Lip-synch dubbing

Audio description

Films, TV shows, corporate videos

with the best voice actors in LA



Commercials, corporate videos, video games,

e-learning, IVR



We have a team of very experienced directors and voice actors in many languages.

Current available languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Polish.


Los Angeles, CA, USA

The main studio is located in charming Sherman Oaks, CA and is equipped with broadcast quality equipment including a Neumann microphone and a booth suitable for one voice actor at a time.

For more complex projects, requiring multiple voice actors in a booth for example, we use our partner studios like SoundBoxLA located in Hollywood.

We can accomodate all of your needs including ISDN, Source Connect and more

Montpellier, France

For French recordings, we can do this in France when needed with our partner Audio Workshop.

Thanks to Audio Workshop we can also offer Sound Editing, Sound Design, Foley/Sound effects, Mix 2.0,5.1 and 7.1 and French voice recordings at their state of the art facilities in Montpellier, France.

We will email you a private link to relevant demos if you ask.

In the meantime, here's Racuni.

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We are a friendly team of highly skilled dubbing and localization professionals.

Let us know what you need, and we'll get it done.

Please send us an email with as many details about your project as possible.

The more specific you are, the more accurate we will be in our quote.

We can also email you private links to samples of our work.

If you are a voice actor, please apply here with resume and mp3 samples. We currently only accept applications from Los Angeles based actors. You must be native (no accent) in the language you are applying for.

We strongly believe in equal opportunity, minorities and older actors are strongly encouraged to apply.

Translators: apply here . Please note your language pair in the subject of the email.


We are very pround to support WARRIORS and KITTY BUNGALOW. These causes are very dear to our heart.

If you run a charity and would like to be considered as one of the causes we support, feel free to contact us.

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