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Claire Dodin headshot with drawings of animated characters that she voiced

Claire Dodin

Director of Operations

Claire is pictured here with some of the characters she voiced.

She studied Medicine in France before moving on to the entertainment business. If this sounds strange to you, rest assured that she's not the only one, Michael Crichton and Ken Jeong also started at medical school.

She now performs on stage and screen, as well as behind the mic.

She is mostly known for Deadliest Warrior and We're Alive: a story of survival.

She also has produced, directed and recorded hundreds of voice recordings in the last 15 years.

Skilled in zombie slaying techniques, she will ensure that your project is safely completed from the comfort of a great Hollywood studio.

Claire is fluent in French and English.

Headshot of producer Monia Ayachi

Monia Ayachi


Monia Ayachi was born and raised in Belgium, from a Tunisian father and a Belgian mother. From a young age, Monia had a passion for the entertainment business. Monia went on to the National Conservatory Of Music to study Opera and Drama, where she got her degree. She then moved to Los Angeles where she went to NYFA to get an extra degree in fine arts.

She works as an actress on stage, film and TV but also directs and produces her own films. She also produced E!News International Dubai, and directed the English dub of the series “Unit 42” for Netflix.

She speaks six languages: French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese.

smiling Headshot of animation director Sarah Cabrera

Sarah Cabrera

Animation director

Sarah is an Actor, Theatre Maker and an Associate Artist with the Award Winning Theatre Company, Nothing to Perform (N2P) in London, UK.

Sarah studied, Animation and Character Design at Escape Studios, London, UK.

She is currently our animator in chief, bringing life to wonderful characters that you will get to see very soon.

She brings her fun into everything she draws and animates.

Sarah speaks fluent English and Spanish

Headshot of  Spanish, French and US English voice director Valeria Zunzun

Valeria Zunzun

Spanish , French and English dubbing director

Valeria is a trilingual voice director. With over a decade of experience dubbing TV series, films and animation into French, Spanish and English.

She will dub your project with a precise and creative touch appreciated by the clients and productions she's worked for (Netflix, Jim Henson's studios, NBC/Universal, Disney...).

She fell into dubbing (and in love with dubbing) randomly, as she was trying to get back into radio. And she's so glad and grateful dubbing made its way to her.

Valeria also has a Master's in Spanish Arts and Literature. She is a trained translator and has been adapting scripts for years as well. That also gives her skills to play with words and assure consistency and precision to your project.

You may also want to meet her part time canine assistant, Lela.

Valeria is fluent in French, Spanish and English.

Headshot of German voice director Christa G. Lewis

Freddy Bergeron-Fell

Translator / Lyricist

Frederic (known as Freddy after a hello and a smile) was born and raised in France where he studied Art, literature and performing arts. His love for theatre and musicals brought him to London where, after a turn at performing, he expended his talents as a bilingual lyricist and playwright.

He has since been enjoying working on his own projects as well as translating and adapting plays such as the Marquis De Sade’s Philosophy in the Bedroom for the Moshpit Theatre Company.

Freddy believes that there is nothing that a good cup of coffee and the soft purring of a cat cannot inspire.

Freddy is based in the United Kingdom.

Headshot of Polish voice director Marzena Coy

Marzena Coy

Polish dubbing director

Marzena studied theatre and literature in Poland before moving to Great Britain.

Acting in short films, television shows (The Bill) and presenting an extreme sports TV show (Ex-Tube) followed before putting herself behind the mic as a singer in London. Moving to NYC; Simon Cowell and cracking the US as a singer have been firmly rejected as Marzena opts to soothe audio senses through voiceover.

Marzena is fluent in Polish and English.

Marzena is based in New York

Headshot of French singing director Valerie Dodin

Valerie Dodin

French songs director

Valerie is a recording artist who has been touring France for many years.

She also sang on the French soundtrack of the animated series "Splash and Bubbles" by the Jim Henson's co. and the French soundtrack of "Elsword."

Her recording studio is based in Toulouse, France and she has a whole roster of excellent singers who will join her to record fantastic French vocals for your animated songs.


Headshot of Minou Walter the cat - Meows and scratching director

Minou Walter

Meows and scratching director

Walter is a no nonsence kind of cat.

He has the softest fur, the loudest meow and the sharpest claws. No one can kill a soft toy as fast or as efficiently as he does. Whatever he does, he does it best. He was therefore the obvious choice as the meows and scratching director.

Walter is fluent in English, French and Meow.

Disclaimer: loud purring may occur if you touch his fur.

Walter also does some modeling on the side for :


Live action

Lip-synch dubbing in US English and French

Films, TV shows, corporate videos

with the best voice actors in LA



Audio description

Multi - languages

Commercials, corporate videos, video games,

e-learning, IVR



We also produce and co-produce animated series or films in US English and French.

Stay tuned for exiting news soon!

Voffla voice casting and production
A voiceQ pro recording studio (rythmo band)
A Source Connect recording studio

Los Angeles, CA, USA

The main studio is located in charming Sherman Oaks, CA and is equipped with broadcast quality equipment including a Neumann microphone and a booth suitable for one voice actor at a time.

For more complex projects, requiring multiple voice actors in a booth for example, we use our partner studios like SoundBoxLA located in Hollywood.

We can accomodate all your needs including rythmo band with VoiceQ pro, Source Connect and more.

Montpellier, France

For French recordings, we can do them in France when needed with our partner Audio Workshop.

Thanks to Audio Workshop we can also offer Sound Editing, Sound Design, Foley/Sound effects, Mix 2.0,5.1 and 7.1 and French voice recordings at their state of the art facilities in Montpellier, France.

This studio is also equiped with VoiceQ pro and Source Connect.

An Audio Workshop partner

Here are a few things we are allowed to share publicly. We have more we can show you via private link, if requested.

US English version

Propagation video game poster
Bow Island video game poster
Elsword video game, character: Laby
Racuni from the video game Summoners War
Aral movie poster
Cemacemas movie poster
Sacred Tomb movie poster
Breach movie poster

Women in Games premium member
Women in animation member
ASIFA: International Animated Film Society member
A Source Connect recording studio

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We strongly believe in equal opportunity, minorities and older actors are strongly encouraged to apply.

Translators: apply here . Please note your language pair in the subject of the email.

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